May 1st 2009

Paramount Learning Ltd are pleased to announce that Peter Ramsden has successfully completed the comprehensive DPG plc accreditation program and is now a licensed provider and facilitator of MAP assessment products. Peter will now be able to administer the full suite of MAP products with new and existing clients as part of a bespoke management development program.

What is MAP Assessment?

MAP Assessment (formerly known as Managerial Assessment of Proficiency) is a management assessment tool which has been successfully used by over 13,000 managers in the UK, and over 150,000 worldwide.

MAP Assessment provides accurate assessments based on individual manager’s true managerial competence. This has been independently validated and a full validation report is available on request.

MAP Assessment is fast becoming the management assessment and development system chosen by organisations because it is the only objective tool that measures the competence of managers. It is not influenced or affected by any personal opinions or prior knowledge, making MAP Assessment truly objective.

What does MAP Assessment measure and assess?

MAP Assessment is the only objective management assessment tool available in the UK and assesses managers against 12 generic management competencies and highlights their preferred Management, Personal and Communication styles.

The 12 competencies are split into 4 clusters:

Cluster 1: Managing Your Job

  • Time Management and Prioritising
  • Setting Goals and Standards
  • Planning and Scheduling Work

Cluster 2: Relating to Others

  • Listening and Organising
  • Giving Clear Information
  • Getting Unbiased Information

Cluster 3: Building the Team

  • Training Coaching and Delegating
  • Appraising People and Performance
  • Disciplining and Counselling

Cluster 4: Thinking Clearly

  • Identifying and Solving Problems
  • Making Decisions and Weighing Risk
  • Thinking Clearly and Analytically

Download a sample MAP profile for information. To request further details on how MAP products can help develop managers in your organisation please contact Peter directly on 07818 244084 or 01274 675014


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