The Link Between Sales Growth and Customer Service

Profit and growth are in principle driven by customer loyalty.

It costs around five times more to sell to a new prospect than to sell to an existing customer who previously enjoyed the buying experience. Add to that, the benefit of word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers, it is really quite surprising that some organisations pay little attention to delivering high levels of customer service.

Loyalty is a direct result of delivering customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is largely influenced by the delivery of value to customers. So how do we deliver customer satisfaction?

Value is, aside from the physical product itself, largely delivered by human to human interaction. It is essential that employees demonstrate the right attitude, skills and behaviours in dealing with customers. These attitudes, skills and behaviours are often a reflection of company attitudes, beliefs, policies and procedures. Therefore company policies and procedures should be written with the principle aim to enable employees to deliver outstanding customer services. I have come across so many company policies that inhibit employees from delivering customer satisfaction and the result on sales growth and repeat business is catastrophic.

Let us not forget that without customers there is no business.

Three positive effects of customer loyalty

  1. Revenue increases due to repeat purchases and referrals
  2. Costs decline as less is spent on new customer acquisition
  3. Employee retention increases because job pride and satisfaction increases; resulting in improved customer satisfaction, further loyalty, lower staff recruitment costs and a corresponding increase in sales.

Sales and pride

What clients want from customer facing staff

  1. Ability to deliver service consistently and accurately
  2. Willingness to deliver prompt attention
  3. Expertise and courtesy
  4. Empathy and personal attention – not treated like a commodity
  5. Professional appearance of the facility, equipment and staff

In summary customers simply need help and assistance in a professional and courteous manner.


What can I do to deliver customer satisfaction?

  1. Take a close look at internal procedures. Are they customer driven or efficiency driven? Make sure your customer policies enable staff to satisfy customers.
  2. Have well trained (customer relations) and motivated staff .
  3. Deliver on your promises
  4. Welcome complaints as a way to resolve customer issues and create brand loyalty
  5. Treat customers with respect

Deliver customer satisfaction, gain customer loyalty and watch your sales sky rocket.